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Our Services

Assessment and reporting

A curated selection of diagnostic services, including executive and leadership team interviews/focus groups, online staff surveys and HR and organisational policy and procedure reviews, to determine the health of your workplace and its culture and communication, based on our Five Movements. We will take the findings and distil them into an insights report and presentation that builds the business case for investing in your people as well as recommendations for where your efforts should be directed.

Co-design workshops and mapping

A collaborative workshopping process that identifies the priority leadership, HR and culture and/or internal communication priorities in your organisation. We will facilitate collective analysis of the deeper factors at play and work with your team to co-design a practical roadmap and action plan of initiatives and recommendations for movement bespoke to your organisation.

Purpose discovery and strategy

Uncover and bring to life your businesses unique and authentic purpose. We help create or discover an element of purpose that stakeholders, customers and team members connect to, understand and feel good about. We work with you to embed the purpose platform into your organisational systems, policies and documentation including mission statement and values, organisational structure, leadership and management KPIs, as well as community, environment and sustainability policies.

Leadership workshops, training and storytelling

We work with groups of leaders to help them identify and use emotional and physical health practices to lead as movement beacons within an organisations – to embrace vulnerability, adaptability and versatility and assist their team in doing the same.

We give leaders the language and visual tools to inspire and engage their workforce, attracting and retaining the best talent. We identify opportunities for the culture and purpose story to impact language, behaviours and motivations throughout the organisation.

Internal communications tools and events

Evaluating how you currently engage with your internal audiences, we open the right communication channels to tell authentic stories. We help you get creative about delivery, upgrading your storytelling powers and generating a sense of excitement around the organisation’s mission and goals, truly connecting people to company values. Some of the tools at our disposal include company playbooks, internal marketing posters and assets, company roadshow/townhall presentations, video assets and creative internal activations.

Team development and wellbeing programs

Longer working hours, the work-life juggle and always-on mentalities put people’s wellbeing under constant pressure. Stress and anxiety are the single biggest issues holding back workforces from reaching their potential. The mind, physical and social health of a team member impacts motivation, communication and productivity levels. We believe team wellbeing can be built into an organisation through physical and mind health education and initiatives, the right workplace environment and facilitating moments of meaningful connection between team members.

Workspace assessment and advice

Optimise your workspace to create a more vibrant and engaged workforce. In collaboration with our design partners, we help you identify the physical improvements you can make to upgrade your space creating alignment with a more human-centred organisation. This includes ergonomic design, furniture, lighting, colour and ventilation, physical layout and function.